Real Payday Loans

Real Payday Loans ReviewsWhy is it so hard to find real payday loans reviews? Most of the payday loan reviews posted online are hardly credible. Almost all of them have been written by marketing companies to promote certain companies.

Real Payday Loans Reviews

Many are mere concoctions by paid writers that specialize in building a business’s reputation. Real payday loan reviews written by real loan customers are a rarity in relation to the multitude of fake reviews cluttered on the Internet.

Real Payday Loans Reviews: Why Most Reviews Are Fake

The prevalence of fake payday loan reviews can be attributed to the aggressive marketing of many payday loan companies. Obviously, it’s always easier and cheaper to simply write unreal positive statements to promote a company than to painstakingly ask customers to send in reviews. Companies would also want to make sure that the things written about them are favorable and free from possible hints of defects or customer dissatisfaction.

It is also worth pointing out how the search engine optimization industry is making fake reviews more prominent. Keywords like “the best payday loan” or “the worst company” contribute to the kind of reputation a company develops online. Hence, companies are willing to pay someone to write fake reviews that can bolster reputation especially in the eyes of search engines.

Is It Possible to Find Real Reviews?

Fortunately, there are still real payday loan reviews authored by real people who have actually experienced the kind of services offered by the companies they are reviewing. Most of these real reviews can be found on established consumer advocacy websites. Smaller websites dedicated to presenting payday reviews are usually unreliable since many of them are primarily run as an affiliate program or to promote particular companies. The more reliable reviews come from websites associated with real consumer groups and guided by real consumers who have actual experiences with the products and services being reviewed.

Unfortunately, when it comes to reliable real reviews, positive words for payday lenders could be rare. Most of the comments of real payday loan customers tend to be negative, adverse or complaintive. Many of these negative comments are from customers who have been deceived by run-of-the-mill payday loan providers. There are also who have been short-changed with hidden fees and hard-to-comprehend interest charges. This does not necessarily mean that payday loans are not providing satisfactory services, though. There are payday loan customers who have experienced great service but they are usually unlikely to leave feedbacks to promote a company. Most consumers are quick to act in trying to expose something negative but are not as enthusiastic when it comes to giving praise.

The Real Score

So how do real payday loan customers really feel? What do they think about payday loans? Does it really help them or does it sink them more into indebtedness?

Many users of payday loan services are usually grateful for the chance to be able to borrow some amount for emergency needs. However, the more discerning ones definitely understand that they are actually incurring bigger borrowing costs when they resort to using payday loans. The effective interests of payday loans are considerably higher compared to the loans or other financial solutions offered by mainstream financial institutions. This difference, however, is often overlooked in favour of the conveniences offered by payday loans. Most payday loans can be obtained quickly and don’t require credit checks and safety deposits. Payday loans are a very expensive way to borrow money but they are more easily accessible.

The Bottom Line

If discerning real payday loan customers get to write their reviews, they would likely state that they are thankful for the temporary solution offered by the short-term loans they were able to obtain. However, payday loan companies should not expect praises. The way most payday loan companies advertise their services is usually deceptive or misleading. For instance, companies that try to show how cheaper their services are usually compare their interest rates and charges to the fees, interest rates, and other charges imposed by banks. More often than not, these comparisons are unrealistic and far-fetched.

There are companies, for example, that compare their interest rates to NSF charges when there is no immediate relevance and comparableness between the two. Some of these comparisons even involve interests for different amounts just to make it appear that payday loans are the better option. Payday loans are generally more expensive. Customers should not be misled to think that these loans reduce their borrowing costs. They are only useful because they are can be more easily obtained especially for those who have unfavorable credit records and those who don’t have properties to use as collaterals for less expensive loans.