Priority Payday Loans Review

Priority Payday Loans ReviewPriority Payday Loans could be an option for you if you are in search of a lender to meet your financial needs quickly.

A payday loan is one of your options if you need fast cash. Aside from getting the cash instantly upon approval of your application, it is also convenient, as most payday loan companies do not perform credit check. One of the sites that you can go to if you need to apply for payday loan is Priority Payday Loans.

What the Company Can do for You

Priority Payday Loans is a site that partnered with different credit companies to help borrowers find the provider that matches their needs. The site claims that they have an easy and fast online application and that cash is deposited overnight once approved. They offer different packages to clients depending on their situation.

Since there are several companies providing payday loan, it could be difficult especially for first time borrowers to choose the best provider for them. The site makes this process more convenient to clients.

Priority Payday Loans – What They Do

On the homepage of the site, there is an area where you can select the loan amount that you wish to borrow and the type of account where it will be deposited. You have the option to choose from savings and checking account. The amount ranges from $100 to $1,500. Clicking on the Get My Loan button will lead you to another page where you need to fill up an online form. This form requires your personal information, as well as information that the site will use to find the best provider that could provide you with your loan.

This is not the actual loan application. Completing the form is like letting the site know that you would like to apply for a payday loan. After completing the form, wait for an e-mail to be sent to you by a representative from the credit company to further clarify regarding your loan application. The credit limit, rates and payment schedule will be discussed so that a customized package for your needs will be created. A consumer agreement document will be sent to you containing the details and terms of the payday loan.

If you agree, sign the document and send it back so your application will be processed. If you need more information or you have further concerns, contact the representative via e-mail or by the phone number provided on the email. If your application is approved, you should get the funds within 24 hours on the account that you provided. However, this can be delayed on weekends and on holidays.

Since they are working with different credit providers, they do not have a fix loan rate. But this often depends on the amount that you borrow, as well as the time frame of paying your loans. As mentioned, a credit package will be customized depending on your needs and the details will be sent to you together with the rates. Repayment of loans depends on the time frame agreed upon with the representative. There is no fix schedule for paying loans. Make sure to read your agreement carefully and take note of the payment schedule. If payment is not made on the agreed time frame, you may be charged certain fees, which is not clearly stated on the site. You may ask the representative regarding these fees and any additional fees when you send an e-mail for clarification.

The Upside and Downside of Priority Payday Loans

There is an online form on the site where you can send your inquiries to the company. However, there are no other contact details posted on the site. But there is an FAQ page that would answer some of your questions. And according to the said page, a phone number that you can call to reach customer support will be included on the e-mail that will be sent to you once you completed the online application form.

The site promises fast application and deposit of funds within 24 hours upon approval, which is good for borrowers who need immediate cash. However, there is not enough information regarding the rates, repayment and other charges on the site. As mentioned, this will only be sent upon completing the online application. There are different articles available on the site regarding the different types of loans including payday loans, cash advance, personal loans, military loans and payday advance, which is helpful for visitors in differentiating them and weighing which option is best for them.