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Quik Check Review

Quik Check ReviewQuik Check Financial, Inc. is a financial services company that has been serving the short-term cash needs of people from all walks of life. Established in 1994, the company has been offering payday loan, installment loan, and check cashing services. This American payday loans provider promises fast, friendly and confidential services with convenient options. Moreover, the company promises a courteous and friendly service for those who need quick cash.

Quik Check Review – Services Offered

Quik Check Financial offers payday loans designed to be a more convenient and better alternative for credit cards. The company offers loans from $50 to $1,000 with daily rates and daily fees to make the loans easier and less costly to pay. The daily rate and fee scheme allows you pay only for the charges and interests on the days when you need the money.

The company also offers installment loans also known as consumer loans. These loans have lower rates compared to payday loans. Also, they are more flexible when it comes to repayment terms. The loanable amount is also higher. You can apply for a loan of up to $2,500.

Moreover, Quik Check Financial offers a check cashing service. This is a service intended to get rid of the limitations imposed on checks issued by the government or from payroll. It allows you to bypass restrictions and lengthy holds on funds associated with checks. The company can conveniently convert your checks to cash in a confidential manner.

Applying for a Loan

To apply for a loan, an online application process has to be undertaken. You need to create a user account on the company’s website. A few questions will be asked as the user account is created. The user account is important for managing all loan transactions. After account creation, a loan application may then be initiated. Everything will be done online. For the loan approval, a verification process will be needed. The verification involves a call from the company’s representative to clarify certain details about the customer and the loan application. If a verification call does not come within 24 hours, it is advisable to call the company for an update.

The need to create a user account is convenient but it can also be somewhat cumbersome. While it makes loan management easier and streamlined, it isn’t something really necessary. Other companies efficiently handle their loan customers without asking them to create and maintain an online account.

Receiving and Paying a Loan

Upon approval, the loaned amount will be electronically sent to the loan applicant. As such, an active checking account is needed. Paying the loan, on the other, is also easy as it is likewise done without having to go to the company’s office. As the loan due date falls, the loan payment and finance fee are directly withdrawn from the customer’s checking account. Partial payments are possible but they have to be in increments of at least $5. Also, loans can be extended or refinanced but the interest due should be fully paid before an extension can be approved.

Loan Application Qualifications

Quik Check Financial offers its services to those who have a regular source of income. If you apply for a loan, you have to show a proof that you are receiving regular income, preferably from employment. Your net monthly income after taxes should not be lower than $1,000. Additionally, you have to have a phone number.

These qualifications for loan applicants are quite minimal so many should be able to obtain a quick loan from Quik Check Financial.


Since transactions are mostly done online, online security is something that should be given attention. Fortunately, Quik Check Financial guarantees full privacy and security protection. The company’s secure loan transaction pages are VeriSign certified.

Physical Stores

It is reassuring to know that Quik Check Financial operates physical stores in 16 locations across Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. The company’s loan transactions are significantly web-based but there are actual store addresses and telephone numbers to reach if you have questions, complaints, or if you just want to avail of the loans the traditional way.

Our Recommendation

The different financial services offered by Quik Check Financial are worth trying. Given the company’s regard for online security, minimum qualification requirements, and presence of brick and mortar stores, it can be said that it is a reliable company. The company’s daily rates and fees scheme is also attractive. Furthermore, the company accommodates customers who change their minds by allowing them to rescind a deferred deposit loan by the end of business hours in the next business day.